Alex told us about the real estate crash a few years before it happened. I didn’t believe him, but when it happened, I was shocked by how bad it was. He invested our money in safe places until after the crash. That was excellent advice. MD

Alex told me about the CDOs and Credit Default swaps in 2006 – after having already predicted the U.S. Real Estate crash in 2005. He changed my investments to protect me and I was very happy that I wasn’t affected when the crash happened. All my friends lost money during that time. GC

Alex helped me avoid the crash in 2008 by moving my money to safety before it happened. BH

The other great advice was to pay off our outstanding debts with liquid cash we have in account, once this is done we will have funds available to contribute to our RRSPs. PMB

When the market was tanking the last few years, Danny got us out of vulnerable investments and recommended excellent alternatives to ride out the storm. This placed us in a good stead to carry on toward our goals. Harry McCarthy & Phillip Conron

Danny’s guidance was instrumental in minimizing the losses of the ‘08 downturn. JR

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