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Rhonda Nissenbaum
Financial Advisor

Education - Certifications:

B.A., GIC Broker, C.I.P. - Chartered Insurance Professional, General Insurance Broker, Life Insurance Broker

Investment, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Insurance, Asset Management, Financial Advice

About Me:

With over 30 years as a financial professional as well as a business owner herself, I have been dedicated to providing individuals, families and business owners with the customized solutions necessary to help them achieve their unique and evolving financial goals.   I take pride in being a skilled and resourceful advisor, using investments and life insurance as tools for successful asset growth, retirement planning, risk management and estate conservation and transfer.  I value life-long learning and have over 1600 hours of industry education spanning four licenses.   Whether it is an individual or a group of employees, I adhere to the principle of helping people help themselves financially, and my personal penchant is helping women succeed in their financial development.  My clients have remained confident and loyal over the years, knowing that my standards of performance are high and that their portfolio of financial products are well-managed.

“Rhonda has always been my first checkpoint when I think of anything financial. Her point of view is grounded, unbiased and respectful of my values. I have confidence in her abilities and know I can approach her with any question, no question being too small.” LS
“I admire Rhonda’s work ethic. She goes beyond due-diligence whenever I ask anything of her, her response time is quick, and she’s thorough. I don’t know how she lives the balanced life that she does, considering all the hours she puts in, but her dedication to her role is the foundation for my success.” KS