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Philip C. Shediac
Financial Advisor

Education - Certifications:

M.A. Economics
B.A. Economics

Investment, Wealth Management, Tax Planning, Financial Advice

About Me:

An ex-banker, I worked in Montreal, Toronto and London, England for a major Canadian Bank as Director of Sales for Europe and the Middle East. In 2003, I joined Investors Group as a Consultant and in 2007 I moved to Olympian Financial Inc. so that I could give my clients greater freedom by having access to a wider range of investment products.

For over 10 years, I have taught Economics on a part-time basis at various colleges in Ontario.

Philip consistently contacts me and provides me with updates. Presently, the market is in turmoil and I am still ahead in terms of my portfolio growth. Aija TIce
Good follow ups and information. My advisor is very attentive to my financial needs and objectives. My portfolio has performed well over the years despite market weakness. Yingchun Guo