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David Wagg
Financial Advisor

Education - Certifications:

Mutual Funds License
Mortgage Agent
Life and Disability License

Insurance, Financial Advice, Mortgage

About Me:

I have been a Financial Advisor since 1996 when I started with Investors Group. In 2002 I came to Olympian Financial Inc. to offer my clients more choice and give myself greater flexibility.

I have been licensed as a mortgage agent since 2005 and deal with over 40 lenders as well as having private 2nd mortgage money available.

I work with all clients, even if they have no assets but are serious about getting ahead. My team can help negotiate debts on a client’s behalf, counsel them before going in to see a trustee in bankruptcy and help to re-establish credit.

We specialize in unlocking pension funds o help clients with the financial problems. I never turn away clients as everyone needs some form of advice. Keys to my success I perseverance and a never give up attitude.