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Toronto, Ontario
416 544 9100 Ext. 3228

Alex Mitonidis
Chief Operating Officer - Olympian Financial Inc., Chief Executive Officer - Olympian Insurance Inc.

Education - Certifications:

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) - Financial Planning Standards Council
Bachelor of Commerce - University of Toronto - Victoria College
Certified Wealth Manager - Schulich School of Business

Investment, Wealth Management, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Management, Financial Advice

About Me:

I am an investment specialist with an expertise in both strategic and tactical asset allocation. Having thrived through multiple economic crises, I confidently manage my clients’ portfolios by providing experienced perspectives and timely advice.  I co-founded Olympian Financial Inc. in 1993, after working for many years in the banking industry and as a Financial Analyst.  As a Certified Financial Planner, I provide comprehensive Financial Planning advice to my clients in the areas of investment, retirement, tax, and estate planning.

Alex provides excellent advice for investments, insurance, and taxes. He always shows us how our investments are doing when we meet and we are always happy with the results. Alex told us about the real estate crash a few years ago before it happened and he knew that the stock market was going to crash too. He invested our money in safe places until after the crash. That was excellent advice. MD
I like to work with Alex because I know that he is taking care of my investments. I can call him any time and ask him questions about what is happening in the markets and he is always providing me with excellent information. I have worked with other Financial Advisors that always advised me not to pay attention to what is going on and just buy and hold. Working with Alex, I feel more confident that he is providing excellent investment advice. Alex told me about the CDOs and Credit Default Swaps in 2006 and predicted the U.S. Real Estate crash in 2005. He changed my investments to protect me and I was very happy that I wasn't affected when the crash happened. GC
Alex is very knowledgeable and he seems to love what he does. Every time we meet, I remember why we are working with him. He does a lot of research and can always explain how and why we are investing the way we are and he always has a plan for making adjustments to our portfolios. Alex seems to always call when we are getting nervous from watching the news. He seems to know the right time to call. If he doesn't call, then I know that I don't have anything to worry about. DC & PC
Alex always calls me when there is a need to discuss my portfolio. He is very proactive when changes are required. I feel that my money is safe and I don't get any unexpected surprises when the markets are volatile. I can recall many instances over the last few years in which Alex consistently called me to guide me through the market turmoil. I feel very confident that he is taking care of my investments. CW
Excellent client service, personalized attention and advice. BH