At Olympian it’s the best of both worlds – you are your own boss, but have access to excellent in-house support. Ronald Anderson

Offer your clients only the best non-proprietary products

Many firms offer their own branded funds and other financial products and services or are affiliated with companies that offer these products. And while they may claim they do not force their Advisors to sell these proprietary products, the fact that they exist leaves open the possibility of conflicts of interest.

We take the word “independent” very seriously.

In contrast, at Olympian Financial, we offer no proprietary products… and we never will. We have no preferred fund companies, leaving our Advisors free to recommend the best, most appropriate financial products for each client. There is no pressure to meet any sales volumes, targets or quotas. We offer excellent compensation, flexible menu-based fees, and head office expenses that are fair and reasonable.

Reasons to join Olympian: