You get to run your own business as you see fit, with just the right oversight from compliance. David Wagg

Enjoy efficient, respectful compliance
We don’t move the goalposts

At Olympian, we insist on good, open communication. Our respectful, intelligent compliance works to protect and enhance your business. We understand that Advisors in other firms feel like the rules are constantly changing and this can be frustrating and detrimental to their client relationships. Like you, we see the big picture and we take a hands-on approach. When a problem arises, we address it right away.

We’re committed to providing you with:

  • timely, accurate information regarding the regulatory requirements
  • efficient, practical policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

We monitor compliance across the entire organization and work with representatives to address areas of non-compliance. When necessary, we will take action to protect the reputation of the organization and our representatives.

Reasons to join Olympian: