A wealth of experience

Alexander Mitonidis and Danny Mitonides founded Olympian Financial in 1993, at a time when independent financial advisors offered a fresh alternative to the investing status quo.

Through good times and bad, for over 20 years, they have built Olympian by providing clients with intelligent and independent Wealth Management advice. Our Advisors question inefficient, inflexible investment ideologies favoured by other firms, believing the only way to get and stay ahead is to take a combined strategic AND tactical approach to investing.

As an independent financial firm, we work with our Financial Advisors as a team, helping them look after their clients by supporting them in all facets of the investing process.

Everyone is approachable, from the CEO on down. You’re never apprehensive about asking what you might think is a silly question. It’s like a family atmosphere.
Joe Ostertag

Reasons to join Olympian: