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Gus Stathopoulos
Financial Advisor

Education - Certifications:

HBA. (Economics & Business) - York University
FMA - Canadian Securities Institute

Investment, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Insurance, Asset Management, Financial Advice

About Me:

I have worked with Olympian Financial as a Senior Financial Planner since August, 1997.  I provide full service independent financial planning advice to high net worth families and professionals.  I offer investment planning, retirement planning, tax and estate planning, and insurance planning advice to my clients.

I provide professional private wealth management solutions to help affluent families manage their personal wealth during different stages of their lives.

I am a retirement income specialist providing leading managed solutions to help families build and preserve wealth and bring financial security to their retirement.

Gus has impressed me with his ability to relate to me on a personal basis. It feels good to enter into a relationship with a trustworthy individual by placing my financial future in his hands. AT
Gus has been my financial advisor for a number of years. I have found him to be intelligent, resourceful, diligent, hard-working, and trustworthy. C. Alexiou, Barrister & Solicitor