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David Mayhew
Senior Financial Advisor

Education - Certifications:

Canadian Securities and Conduct/Pratices
B.A. Economics
PFP courses
B.A. Hons. Business Administration

About Me:

David Mayhew is a Senior Financial Consultant with Olympian Financial Inc. He has built an enviable record in the areas of investment, group plans, insurance, tax and lifestyle planning. David maintains his role as Financial Consultant very seriously. He adheres to a disciplined approach to wealth management utilizing expertise of his own team members.

David has worked with Mackenzie Financial products for over 15 years and has provided investment advisory and related services using Mackenzie Funds to a wide range of clients. This includes employees of group plans where he educates and prepares employees for their financial future. By outlining the basic investment options, strategies and trends, employees will gain a better understanding of the importance of being actively involved in their financial future.

David also provides tax services to his clients which includes, personal tax returns for his investment clients, he gains a better understanding of their financial affaires and can better advise them on how to minimize or defer income taxes payable as part of a long-recognized right for taxpayer to organize their financial/taxation affaires in the most beneficial way possible with the legal confine.

David’s commitment to service excellence ensures that every client’s goals and objectives are being met.