I can recall many instances in which Alex made recommendations that I didn’t agree with. Fortunately, I decided to take his advice. He has consistently been right about how to invest and I have given up arguing with him. He has excellent insights into what is happening in the economy and I always feel that he is one step ahead of the “sheep investors”. RG

When the market was tanking the last few years, Danny got us out of vulnerable investments and recommended excellent alternatives to ride out the storm – still making gains as opposed to losing, as many, unfortunately, did. Harry McCarthy & Philip Conron

Tactical Wealth Management
Staying ahead of the game

Anyone can make money in good times, but during the last few more difficult years, our tactical approach to investing has made the difference for our clients. Our decades of experience have inclined us to question investing ideologies that are inefficient and inflexible. The old mantra to “buy and hold” for example, has not worked well in this challenging market and the clients of firms who embrace it, have clearly suffered. The Olympian approach, meanwhile, has kept our clients ahead of the game.

Our specialized approaches include:

You can rely on our: